Famly - making more time for the children

Famly's overall goal is to make more time for the children and make it easier for busy parents to follow the daily activities in the nursery - creating a closer relationship between the home and the nursery. Famly's wide range of administrative tools for the teachers frees up more time for the children and helps secure the needed number of staff at the right times of the day. To fully understand the Famly effect, you need to experience it.


The Famly app is developed in close cooperation with a wide range of Danish nurseries during the last couple of years. This has resulted in a deep understanding of the everyday workflow in nurseries and it has given us an expertise in accommodating the needs of nurseries. We have built a tool that will ease the everyday workload and fit the daily routines. We don't believe in digital solutions for the sake of digitizing - It has to make sense. We constantly strive to optimize the Famly experience based on your feedback, so please feel free to leave us a comment.

Famly is 4 parts in one solution

Daily administration


& sign-out


Overview and Planning like never before

Through close dialogue with the nurseries that are already using Famly, we have developed a unique overview of the daily routine in nurseries. This overview has become a solid planning tool, providing an insight into how many children and staff will be present during the day and helping the manager determine whether departments are in need of assistance.

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